[Deskbar] Using beagle-live handler


congrats on the 2.14 release! Looking at the screencast it struck me
that the beagle-live functionality wasn't shown. Although not deeply
mysterious, the beagle-live handler exposes features to deskbar which I
have not seen announced anywhere. So I decided to share my positive
experience with it on this list.

The short version is that you can in fact use all search features of
beagle from deskbar. The long version:

-It's very fast thanks to the speed of beagle and the way you have
implemented beagle-live.

-Since the search-string is forwarded to beagle, all of the search
syntax for beagle is available for use in deskbar. This is an amazingly
powerful feature as it allows for specifying search strings with great
accuracy using various keywords. 


	'manual -old'  returns result containing 'manual' but not 'old'
	'manual ext:pdf' returns pdf-files containing 'manual'
	'manual ext:' returns folders named manual (and files with no
	'artist:metallica' returns sound files with artist 'metallica'

There are many more. Try 'beagle-query --help' and look for 'Supported
keywords' for a full list of possibilities. Also see the 'Search syntax'
section of 


I think users should know about this :)


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