[Deskbar] Python Help @ mail.gnome.org's Mailman system


I just recently joined the Gnome Moderator Team[1] which handles
moderation requests for all of the Gnome Projects mailing lists. As
most of you know, we use mailman to manage this, which is written in

We have had a nagging issue for sometime now, where each list that
needs an e-mail approved or denied must be visited and handled
individually. Not a big deal until a spammer hits every gnome mailing
list with a message that must be binned, and we are forced to login to
the same page and click the same 3 buttons a hundred times.

A 'unified moderation panel' has long been a wish of ours, but no one
on the team is experienced enough to hack the admindb.py CGI to show
_all_ messages pending moderation in one page. I know this is a
primarly python based project and was looking to see if anyone was
interested in such a project. Obviously if no one has the time or
experience necessary for such a hack, that's fine, but from my initial
skim over the code, it seems to be doable with a simple iteration over
all the available list's. However, my initial attempts at python
didn't go so well.

Regardless, if anyone is interested, please let me know. If you cannot
(or don't wish to) install mailman on your own machine, I can provide
you with limited ssh access to one of my boxes with a mailman install
to test and fiddle.


Kevin Kubasik

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