Re: [Deskbar] Firefox 2.0 search engine support

2006/12/18, Raphaël Slinckx <raphael slinckx net>:
Hi Mikkel !

>         I have a patch against the gnome-2-16 branch here
>"" .
>         Should I commit it? There are no string changes but there is a
>         small (invisible) addition to the Match api (see the PS
>         above).
> And I better mention that I just tested it on Firefox 1.5 as well
> (Ubuntu Dapper) It works beautifully :-)

I think it's better to leave 2.16 as is, if you don't mind. I also
tested with no apparent problem, very good work !

Thanks. Yeah, I was reluctant to commit it to 2-16... I'll leave the patch in Bugzilla for distros getting flooded with bugreports :-) (Ubuntu Feisty)...

Did you close the corresponding bug ?



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