[Deskbar] Zombification

No, I'm not becoming a zombie... yet.

There has been a bug report[1] about us making each launched process a
zombie. Unfortunately this is true, and terrible.

The situation is that we need to call waitpid(pid, NONBLOCK) to retreive
exit value of the process, until then the process will remain dead,

The call is not blocking and returns 0 when the process is still active
that means we have to poll to see if the process has exited,

Are there other solution to spawn a process and not do any cleanup ? any
combiantion of os.spawn*, os.fork/exec seems to have the same issue.

The only thing working is os.system('commandline &'), but i feel it's
quite hackish, it spawns a new shell and launch the program in that
shell. And to get it async the & is appended. There must be some better
way !

Whoever can tell me how to make a completely independent process in
python will receive my whole consideration a a gift. Now that's


[1] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=319694

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