Re: [Deskbar] Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet

Le jeudi 27 octobre 2005 à 14:06 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen a
écrit :
> We are aware of memory- and startup issues, but you surely know that
> premature optimisation is a top-three killer in free software projects. 

of course. It's also premature to say 'we can do much better, later'.

> We will work on these issues, but it's also granted that we can only
> optimise to a certain point since deskbar relies on a bunch of indexes.
> If you wan't on-the-fly querying on tons of different sources you will
> have to index some of them, load libs to read others, etc., and there's
> not much you can do about it.
> The question is "Do Gnome want a multi-backend find-as-you-type search
> bar?". If the answer is "yes", then it will come at a price no matter
> the implementation. 

Is deskbar-applet designed so that other programs in other languages can
make searches ? Is there a seperate backend ?

(What about beagle ?)

> But note that this "price" will only be paid if the
> user wants to. If the answer is "no", well, then users just wan't have
> fast versatile searches on a stock gnome install.

deskbar-applet / fast versatile searches on a stock gnome seems a very
nice feature to me.

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