Re: [Deskbar] Two things?

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:

1) There have been some really nice cleanups in beagle-live. Does this warent a 0.8.1?

With the recent last-minute fixes in beagle-live and popup menu, and the pending beagle fix for '=' entities, i think this is a good idea.

I'll make a tarball when i get home, and publish on my site, so nigel cvan put it on sourceforge.
I don't know if it should be announced.. i'll still make the NEWS snippet.

2) How come I cannot find us at ?

But i don't know why we aren't on the front page, i suspect someone has to modify it manually, so this should be asked to the gnome postmaster, or something. Nigel can you do that ?

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