[Deskbar] The eye of Sauron is moving

As my masters has entered a critical phase, I'll have to devote all my attention to wrapping up the much awaited "Differential forms on Delta-Complexes" v1.0 in the upcomming time (awaited by supervisor atleast ;-P).

This means that I won't be able to hack on the Cuemiac (also refereed to as "the C" in the inner circles), or any deskbar-stuff for that matter, until sometime after the 4th. of november.

I won't hang out on IRC, but I will check my mail, and reply if there's anything important (such as a Roadmap to 1.0 *hint* *hint*[1]) to discuss.

I'll post the latest Cuemiac stuff to the list when I get home.


[1]: I would love to make a roadmap draft myself but that would violate my "No Coding" mental curfew :)

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