[Deskbar] Plugins


First, thanks to the developers who have built a great additon to Gnome, and have been quick to fix any problems -- I'm running the latest CVS with no problems right now.

A number of people have created patches extending deskbar-applet.  Right now, I think it has a good balance between simplicity/usability and usefulness, but perhaps a "drop-in" plugin design would allow anyone to just write and package such an extension so that users who want more from deskbar-applet could just download the package, put it in their ".deskbar/plugins" directory and restart it to get the new functionality (or have their distro's package manager take care of it, i.e. "emerge/apt-get/yum deskbar-applet-googlelive").  Or perhaps this is where you're going with it anyway?

Jose M. daLuz

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