Re: [Deskbar] Ubuntu Breezy

> The tarball contains the CVS code, notice that i didn't merge the async
> stuff cause i discovered two bugs in it that make deskbar not releasable
> in that form.
Good. I endorse your release strategy.

> The two issues with async code:
> * Randomly, i get Things like:
> Xlib Async Error reply: 0xdeadbeef
DAMN! I got those early in the coding phase but they seemed to disappear
once things started to fall into place.
I fear that it's a pygtk bug, but sincerely hope that's it's my bad :-|

> * The size of the applet is incorrectly computed on the panel, the entry
> is too big on a 24 pix wide panel., see the difference between async
> code, and CVS code.
Async module loading should be causing this? Weird (but I don't deny it).


PS: Do we get to come up with a funny release name? ;-P

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