A few Déjà Dup updates

UI Redesign

We talked last November on this mailing list about a redesign. [1] I've been doing bits and pieces of it and have just release 41.0 that includes some initial work.  This is the first development release in the 41.x series, leading up to an eventual 42.0.

What I've done so far is the preferences redesign and the main window redesign. Next up is a special first-use UX and then the big one, a file browser to restore files (which will likely replace all our current restore methods: nautilus integration and the restore-everything button).

Here are some screenshots (the black/yellow icon is our test-build icon, not what the user will end up seeing)):

[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/DejaDup/Design/Review-2019-11 was the original proposal (without some edits proposed in thread)

Borg Support

If you'll remember, I had talked about possibly supporting a non-duplicity backup tool under the hood, and was looking at borg. The thing it was missing was arbitrary backend support (like cloud services or ftp or the like).

Over a year ago, I proposed a patch upstream, but they were gearing up for their big 1.2.0 stable release, so they didn't want to land it. 1.2.0 still hasn't released, unfortunately. Not because they aren't doing work. There's been plenty of alphas. It just hasn't been finished.

Normally, I'd love that kind of cautious development in a tool I relied on. But unfortunately, it has blocked any progress on this front.

Cloud Support

With the release of 41.0 and the UI redesigns, I wanted to clean house a bit and not have to support some code we've been carrying for a long time.

So I've removed support for our deprecated cloud backends (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift, Rackspace Cloud Files, and our remaining support for using GNOME's Google keys instead of our own. These have all been deprecated for almost 3 years now. Which means they haven't shown up for new users as an option in the UI, but existing users of those backends would still work.

I've always meant to add more consumer cloud providers like Microsoft OneDrive or Amazon Drive. But I'd been holding off until I knew the Borg situation, because it'd be easier to not have to support converting a duplicity backup to a borg one on these backends (which would likely involve custom code on our end).

But since that's stalled... I should probably look into adding at least one new consumer cloud backend this release cycle, to make up for the dropped ones.

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