Moving to GNOME's translation project

Hello! When I first moved us to GNOME's gitlab off of Launchpad's code hosting, we kept translations and bugs in Launchpad.

Launchpad translations have continued to be a little annoying to work with (for both me and translators), and together with a desire to move closer to the GNOME way of doing things, I'm switching our translation infrastructure to GNOME's:

For existing translators

You'll need to join the GNOME translation project to continue translating. I'm sorry for the bother and the change in workflow.

The translation flow is a little different. Instead of a web interface, you download the po and edit it locally. But there are tools that make that easier. Notably, gtranslator will connect to GNOME for you and automate the downloading and uploading transparently.

Please let me know of any difficulties with this transition and how I can help smooth them over.

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