Re: Google drive option missing from backup destinations menu, and not remembering my passwords

Hello, this is the right place! Answers inline below.

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019, at 07:31, Bruce Blore via deja-dup-list wrote:
First issue: I'm using Deja-Dup to back up my laptop (with fully updated 
Manjaro KDE) to my Nextcloud server daily. However, even when I check 
the box to remember my passwords (one to log in to my server, one to 
encrypt the backups), it doesn't remember either of them, so I have to 
enter my server username and two passwords every day. Is this possible 
to fix, or will I have to set it to back up weekly because it is 
extremely annoying to look for the popup and then enter two passwords.

That does sound annoying! Both passwords are stored in the same place - the Secret Service (a freedesktop 
service, I believe with GNOME and KDE implementations). What desktop environment are you running?

Deja Dup does not treat a failure to store the password as a blocking error, so it just keeps going. Which 
would jive with what you're seeing.

Second issue: Due to reliability issues, I'd also like to switch my 
server to Deja-Dup from Duplicati. My server is a raspberry pi 3 B+ 
running the latest raspbian. My high school provides infinite free 
storage for my Google Drive, so I'd like to use that as the backup 
destination. (I've got hundreds of gigs of encrypted backups in there 
and nobody has complained so far, so I'm going to continue.) Most 
tutorials say that Deja-Dup can back up to Google Drive, and Deja-Dup on 
my laptop gives me the option to do so, but my server does not. My 
options are Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, FTP, 
SSH, WebDav, Windows share, Custom location, and local folder. Can I use 
the "Google Cloud Storage" option to get to Google Drive? I am assuming 
that I can't because Google has a separate service called Google Cloud 
Storage, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Is there any reason why Google 
Drive would be missing from the menu?

Hmm, what version of Deja Dup are you using and what distro did you get it from? Google Drive support changed 
backends in the recent 40.x releases. Maybe your distro has packaged the new deja-dup version but didn't 
configure it correctly to install the new Google Drive backend support as well?

Deja Dup tries to install the python modules that duplicity will need under the covers for Google Drive. That 
changed recently from a gvfs backend to a pydrive backend. Can you install whatever package provides pydrive, 
like maybe python-pydrive? Normally, the distro packaging will take care of that for you, but as above, maybe 
there's a disconnect there.

Alternatively, you could install the snap, which should have all that built in:
snap install deja-dup --classic

Now all that said... Deja Dup is mostly aimed at graphical desktop usage. Like, it doesn't use cron, it 
expects a dbus session that can talk to freedesktop services, etc. If you want a more server-usage-focused 
command line tool, you can use the underlying backup tool that Deja Dup uses - duplicity.

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