Re: Backup Failed: Insufficient Temp Space

Leo Francisco:
Heya All,

My home folder backup to an external hd is failing with the message:

Temp space has 61018112 available, backup needs approx 68157440.

What's temp space? I have 200GB free on the drive which is more than
enough. I tried unplugging the drive and restarting dejadup. Deleted a
few things off the drive and emptied the bin but it didn't effect the error.

Disclaimer: I'm not a developer of deja-dup, merely a user.

"Temp space" might refer to "temporary space". For example, in the
duplicity manpage (the back end of deja-dup) I see:

    --tempdir directory
           Use this existing directory for duplicity temporary files
           instead of the system default, which is usually the /tmp
           directory. This option supersedes any environment variable.
           See also ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES.

Maybe you have less than 68157440 (~70MB) available in /tmp?

NB: Is this list configured not to answer to the list on purpose or by

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