Re: Duplicity GVFS Backend

As that wiki page mentions, this is a high difficulty task.

You'd probably want to start with becoming familiar with how to write a gvfs backend.

Then figure out how best to use duplicity to expose that information the way gvfs expects.  (libdeja in deja-dup's codebase has some support for that route).

But the hardest part is getting used to how a gvfs backend works.  You could start with creating a skeleton backend that doesn't use libdeja yet.  Then flesh it out as you add features.


On 11 December 2015 at 06:48, Bartosz Woronicz <mastier mastier pl> wrote:

I would like to involve here. I need that feature so I can make my backup to my RiakS2 storage.
Plz, gimme some tips. Is there any progress of work on it ?

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