Re: Contributing code to Deja Dup

Thanks Mathieu!

I'll have to take a look sometime!

On 4 Dec 2014 06:06, "mathieu jourdan gresille org" <mathieu jourdan gresille org> wrote:
Hi David,

A long time ago I hoped to add a couple of features and fix some issues
with Déjà Dup. As Michael said, adding such a small feature as a second
backup location leeds to deep ux work, andyou'll actually end up with a
whole new design... I did some design experiments and forked Déjà Dup to
test those. Since, I made some more experiments you may want to look at

If by any chance you are interested by these designs, I would be more
than happy to help, by answering your questions, sketching real
wireframes. Regarding the code, I probably have some licence and
attribution issues which would need some specific effort of mine, it
doesn't reflect my latest designs, it is tracked by bazaar and
eventually I would feel better using git instead. However it does have a
working pathless gsettings schema ;-)


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