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Hi!  Thanks for the ideas.  Similar thoughts are in bug 317318 (

I do like the idea, but the extra complexity in the UI and the code have prevented me from working on it so far.


On 5 January 2013 01:47, Martin King <martin83 king gmail com> wrote:

Hello Michael Terry and all:


The deja-dup can only backup folders. I want to backup folders, files and some applications config such as firefox, evolution or empathy and its dconf settings.

So I have an idea, in deja-dup-preferences, add a appllications tab, in this tab, list all the applications predefined and installed in the system, and a toggle button control enable/disable backup, when backup, backup the enabled items folders(may be hidden) and files and dconf settings.when restore, restore the folders and files and dconf settings. How about it?



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