Re: Reg: Testing of Deja-dup as active backup client.

Hello Nirbhay!  I'm going to assume a level of familiarity with GTK+
and Linux development in general.  Though I assume you're not
especially intimate with Vala, the programming language used in Deja

First, here's a link for how to get setup for development on deja-dup
and it has further links to learn more about Vala:

To answer your bullet points:

1) Edit widgets/ConfigLocation.vala and comment out the lines that add
the non-SSH options.

2) Edit widgets/ConfigLocationSSH.vala and comment out the controls
you don't want.  Then for the values you want to hardcode, you can
either edit the default values for SSH in
data/ or ship a gsettings override
file (see "Vender overrides" in

3) This is tricky.  There is code in common/Duplicity.vala to delete
all-but-X backup chains.  So you could try telling it to delete
all-but-zero.  See delete_excess().  You might want to add a new
OperationDelete class (see other Operation classes and modify one of
them to fit your needs) and a new Operation.Mode.DELETE.  You can then
drive an OperationDelete object from the GUI layer.

4) There is existing code to detect remaining space.  See
common/BackendFile.vala and its get_space() method.  You'd just need
to add some display widget somewhere that uses that call.  One problem
is I'm not sure SSH quotas are reported.  I think it just reports on
the total free space of the disk.  I'm not sure how to get at the
quote going through GIO.  Worth testing to confirm that it doesn't
report quota like you want, but I'm not sure what you can do to get
quota if it doesn't...


On 10 April 2012 03:00, enirtom <nirbhay singh tomar ericsson com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am want to use Deja-Dup as backup client but want to do some
> customization. Can some one help me out how i will do below thing ::
> 1. I want to have only ssh in backup location.
> 2. I want to have some fixed values into ssh configuration.
> 3. I want to have an option to delete the backups and currently how will i
> do it.
> 4. Is it possible that it will show me the remaining space as i have qouta
> implementation in backup location. As i am implementing dejadup for a large
> user base.
> quick reply will be appreciated.
> // Nirbhay
> Solution Integrator
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