Open Deja Dup design issues

Hello, Allan!  I've taken the liberty of mailing you directly, since
you've been involved for a while.  The recent thread about the best
way of contacting the GNOME Design team on desktop-devel-list left me
a bit confused.  So I've taken the direct approach.  Please rope in
any interested parties.

Deja Dup has several open issues needing visual design (see Proposals
on  I would appreciate any
time you or another Design person could spare to look them over.

I'd also be interested in a general usability once-over again (using
the 19.x releases).  It was useful the last time.  But between the
two, I'm a bit more interested in actual visual design of new features
that have been on the back burner for a while.

There isn't a rush.  These likely wouldn't be targeted for the GNOME
3.2 cycle.  But I'd like to solve these problems eventually.


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