Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] Working on some additional S3 options

Cool thanks for all the tips !  I will be working on this some more
and will get back to you.


On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Michael Terry <mike mterry name> wrote:
> On 14 October 2010 03:56, Luis Arias <kaaloo gmail com> wrote:
>> I wanted to be able to use reduced redundancy storage and european
>> buckets on S3, so I started to work on that here:
> Fabulous!  I'd love to merge such support.  Some quick comments:
> * I'd prefer a key like "region" rather than "european_bucket" that
> could hold the value "us", "europe", and "asia" (since they now have
> asian servers too).
> * Terminology wise, it's not gconf anymore, but gsettings.  When
> testing, use dconf-editor to check/fiddle with the values instead of
> gconf-editor.
> * Remember to add stanzas to data/ for
> each setting you add.  For "region" you should probably use an enum.
>> I will need some help from you on the best way to test this.  I setup
>> the new keys in my gconf but have no idea how to do that so I can test
>> with ./interactive.  Once this is working, I would need to expose the
>> settings through some UI elements in settings.
> OK.  So I'm betting that you setting the keys in gconf wasn't done
> correctly, because it's not obvious how to do so.
> First, as above, you should be using dconf-editor and gsettings
> instead of gconf-editor and gconftool-2 respectively.
> Second, ./interactive sets up its own personal settings environment so
> that your normal deja-dup settings are not changed while tests run or
> you're screwing around.  So changing your own user's settings wouldn't
> do anything we want.
> Without UI, you are going to first want to set the values then run
> Deja Dup, set it to backup to S3 and examine the duplicity command
> line to see if your commands are there.
> In my experience, dconf-editor is still pretty new and likes to crash
> when descending multiple levels in the settings tree.  So I'd use the
> gsettings command line tool for this.  Since this will require
> multiple commands, I'd suggest going into a testing shell to do all
> your tests.
> Try the following commands:
> ./interactive shell
> Now you'll be at a prompt that has lots of special things set up.  You
> can tell by looking at $PATH.  I should probably adjust the shell
> prompt at some point so it's easy to tell you're not in your normal
> shell.
> So from here, do the following:
> gsettings set org.gnome.DejaDup.S3 region "'europe'" # (note the
> double-quoted single-quotes)
> deja-dup
> And now test to your heart's content.
> Now, for UI changes, we can talk more when you get there, but see
> widgets/ConfigPeriod.vala for an example of how to create a special
> widget for enum values.  And look at
> preferences/PreferencesDialog.vala and how it treats the bucket widget
> to add it to the S3-specific part of the dialog.
> I worry about exposing too many subtle options to the user.  The
> region one is great and should be there.  The RRS one is a subtle
> trade-off though.  Not sure how best to explain that to the user.  And
> even with the region, there should probably be some way of letting the
> user know that changing regions means you lose access to the data in
> the original region.
> -mt

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