[Deja-dup-hackers] Fwd: Introducing Deja Dup's GSoC student Urban Skudnik

After seeing Daniel's email I noticed that I only sent my reply to the post to Mike. My bad and my apologize.

Anyway, here it goes:

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Hi folks!

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 9:53 PM, Michael Terry <mike mterry name> wrote:
Hello, everybody!  I realized I never posted here about the Google
Summer of Code project involving Deja Dup.  David Bensimon and I
offered to co-mentor.

As part of Ubuntu's GSoC involvement, the idea was presented that
improvements could be made to Deja Dup, one of Ubuntu's featured

Urban Skudnik submitted a proposal, and it was accepted!  Yay!  You
can see his proposal here:

Hm, I think GSOC webapp requires that users register and even then I don't remember if I marked my proposal as public or not.

Anyway, most of my proposal is also listed on Ubuntu's GSOC wiki page [0] where I worked on it. It's not exactly like the one that was later submitted to Google but its pretty close. If anyone wants to see the exact proposal I will make a PDF of it and upload it somewhere.

Basically, he's able and willing to work on several different features
and bugs.  David, Urban, and I have talked a bit about it, and there
are several suggested tasks.  I believe Urban's deciding which
specific ones to work on.

Here's the calendar for GSoC:

Urban, I believe you have a wiki page about the effort?  I couldn't
find the link anymore.  :-/  Maybe you'd like to give a quick
introduction of yourself too?

Yeah, you couldn't find it because I didn't create it until today ;)

For now I only listed the three bugs that we discussed last week, but I still haven't decided which one will be the first to tackle.

As for introduction...

As Mike said, my name is Urban and go by the alias of Neo-- on IRC ;) If anyone else wants to drop by for chats that we are going to have on skype/IRC or would like to get a weekly mail report ping me so that we can sync up (probably an entire mail will also be published on my progress wiki page). We basically decided that any communication regarding features/bugs and their implementation will take place on mailing list so that the process is as transparent as possible and can help with anyone else joining the project and that Skype chats are going to be for a bit more focus. Privately I will mainly bug the guys with things that don't belong on a mailing list :)

In short: You probably won't be missing anything important and will hear from me a lot on the mailing list :) Hopefully I won't ask too many stupid questions... ;)

I am currently enrolled into 2nd year of physics at university of Ljubljana in Slovenia. My previous experiences with programming are mainly with Python (worked on anything from web programming (django), processing data and making sexy graphs with that data to building parallel processing software for video re-coding with flix) so I will be a bit clumsy at start with Vala - I had already skipped through a nice C# book and will slowly begin to start working with vala and on the Deja Dup itself.

If anyone has any more question, please don't hesitate to ask :)

[0] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GSoC/2010/UrbanSkudnik

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