[Deja-dup-hackers] Introducing Deja Dup's GSoC student Urban Skudnik

Hello, everybody!  I realized I never posted here about the Google
Summer of Code project involving Deja Dup.  David Bensimon and I
offered to co-mentor.

As part of Ubuntu's GSoC involvement, the idea was presented that
improvements could be made to Deja Dup, one of Ubuntu's featured

Urban Skudnik submitted a proposal, and it was accepted!  Yay!  You
can see his proposal here:

Basically, he's able and willing to work on several different features
and bugs.  David, Urban, and I have talked a bit about it, and there
are several suggested tasks.  I believe Urban's deciding which
specific ones to work on.

Here's the calendar for GSoC:

Urban, I believe you have a wiki page about the effort?  I couldn't
find the link anymore.  :-/  Maybe you'd like to give a quick
introduction of yourself too?


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