[Deja-dup-hackers] 14.0 Schedule

This email is just a bit of an FYI for my plans around 14.0.

After releasing 11.0, I decided to try and track GNOME releases this
cycle, starting with 13.0 and leading up to a stable 14.0.  My goal
was to see how I liked timed releases instead of feature releases.
And to see how I'd like being part of the GNOME release.  I may
shortly propose inclusion in GNOME 3.0.

We're almost to 14.0.  My initial roadmap had it coming out on Feb
8th.  But that's actually earlier than necessary (according to GNOME
schedule -- 2.30 doesn't come out for a bit).  So I have some leeway.

The release is actually blocking on two things: duplicity 0.6.07 and
valac 0.7.10 (or 0.8.0 or whatever).

So until now and final release, I'll be aiming to fix small things or
add small features.  Now would be a great time to test [1] for any
last minute hideous bugs.  :)

[1] https://launchpad.net/~deja-dup-team/+archive/testing


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