[Deja-dup-hackers] 12.0 Plans

Hello!  I finally pushed 11.0 out the door, after waiting for Ken
released duplicity 0.6.06 [1].

So time to start thinking about 12.0.  I'm hoping to release this one
a bit faster than 11.0.  Maybe 3 months down the road.  11.0 focused
on several new features, but I'm going to take a cycle to work on

Things like making the removable drive experience rock (first thing
I'm looking into is not trying to backup if your external drive isn't
plugged in yet).  Maybe do something about asking for sudo permissions
to read/write files if necessary.  Maybe Ubuntu One integration.

Other things that would be neat for 12.0 but I may not have time to
get to personally -- mentoring available for these or the above items!
 :) -- are various efforts to make Deja Dup faster.  Like scanning in
the background while backing up (instead of scanning then backing up)
and turning on duplicity's asynchronous option.

Long term (13.0+), I've been wanting to add the one big missing
feature: making it easy to restore missing files.  Right now you can
do it via the command line (deja-dup --restore /my/missing/file), but
that's not friendly.  I've been wanting to add an option to nautilus
when you right click a folder to 'Restore missing files' that would
bring up a window showing all the files in that folder that are in the
backup (at various times), but no longer in the folder.

[1] While this isn't a new dependency, 0.6.06 makes things a lot
easier for users down the road by not deleting metadata for old
backups.  The future plans around the missing-files-view need that


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