[Deja-dup-hackers] 11.0 Delayed

A couple things are holding back the 11.0 release.

One is a bit of follow-up work to Andrew Fister's excellent
don't-backup-if-no-network patch.  If networking cuts out while
backing up/restoring, it would be nice to wait until it comes back,
rather than erroring out.  I believe Andrew's looking into that.

The second issue is that I just learned from the duplicity-talk
mailing list that listing files doesn't work for anything older than
the most recent full backup.  Since 11.0 would introduce multiple full
backups, this is a concern.  Nothing particularly uses the file
listings now, but I have plans to in 12 or 13, so I want to get this
right.  Ideally it will be fixed in duplicity, but if not, we may have
to rework how we store the extra full backups.  So I'm waiting to see
how that plays out in duplicity-talk.


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