[Deja-dup-hackers] 11.0 Plans

Hello, all!  So 10.0 seems to have gone out with few complaints, so that's good.

Here's what I'm thinking for 11.0:
 * Slow down.  I'd like to take things even slower this time.  10.0
seems solid, is in use by a couple distros (foresight, ubuntu karmic).
 There's no rush for 11.  Part of this is taking some time to work on
the 'intangibles' -- better automated tests, better help
documentation, better marketing material (release notes, etc).
 * Finally enable code to support occasionally doing a new full
backup, rather than forever doing incremental ones.  This will make us
more robust.
 * As part of that, we can finally enable deleting old backups.
 * Give more feedback about when an operation is going to take a while
(like the periodic full backups above).  This may mean more feedback
about the preparing/scanning stage.
 * Look into supporting the resume/checkpoint functionality in
duplicity 0.6.00.  Presumably it works as-is, but there are a couple
niceties we could do (like not warn user from logging out if their
duplicity has checkpoint functionality).  Currently, 0.6.00 has a few
bugs, and they may be tweaking the feature a bit in the next release.

I'll probably use the 'testing' PPA again, if peeps want to help test.


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