[Deja-dup-hackers] 6.0 Roadmap

Hello!  A quick roadmap update.  I just released 5.0, with proper
progress bars and new help documentation.

For 6.0, I'm planning on finally working on time- and/or file-based
restore.  I did some work on already-released duplicity 0.5.04 to
support this stuff, but I haven't properly integrated it.  So here's
hoping it works like it should.  :)

Doing the above will probably require a good fleshing out of the
restore wizard.  I'd like to make it one-click (tm).  That is, the
user clicks on Restore, they get a confirmation dialog with the
default settings (full restore, to original locations).  They can
either click Apply to do the restore, or some button to edit any one
of the settings.  I think that's probably easiest, since I suspect the
common case is that the user only wants to change at most one of the
restore settings (time, file, or location).


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