[Deja-dup-hackers] 5.0 Plans

Just a quick note about the roadmap for 5.0.  I released 4.0 recently,
with support for SSH and a new restore wizard.  Now restoring isn't
quite so embarrasingly sparse.

I like the wizard style of guiding a restore and hope to move the
backup sequence to a similar dialog.  One dialog beats several small
ones in succession (for restoring: folder selection, password prompts,
progress bar, and success dialog).  Plus, it would be a natural place
to put setup steps for when a new user opens Deja Dup and immediately
presses Backup without first setting up preferences (a probably common
first-user reaction).

Enough rambling.  For 5.0, I intend to finally make the progress bars
actual progress bars, and not just pulse bars, now that duplicity
0.5.04 is out with actual progress feedback support.  In trunk, I've
already intregrated showing which file duplicity is working on.

I also hope to at least start wizard-izing the backup process.

And that's it.  Progress bars and wizards for 5.0.


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