Re: I have resurrected beagle

Thank you Mr. Joe Shaw, and your friends, for writing beagle in the first place!

Because in a sense I am building my entire career around beagle and beagrep. Whatever code I read and write, I use beagrep:-D

2014年12月31日 下午10:43于 "Joe Shaw" <joe joeshaw org>写道:

Wow!  This is awesome.  I am very happy Beagle is still solving problems for people -- your beagrep looks very interesting -- and thank you for updating the code to use MimeKit over GMime.  It is definitely a big improvement.

Keep up the great work!


On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 9:29 PM, Haojun Bao <baohaojun gmail com> wrote:


I am using it to index my maildir mails. The gmime-sharp 2.6 is so broken, it is completely unusable, so I have changed to use MimeKit.

Please take a look at my fork at if you are still in love with this project.

Also, I have wrote a beagrep which can grep 9G of android source code in 0.3 second. I use a modified version of beagle first to find out which files contained the words I want to search, then I grep only these files. Please take a look at this project at . I wrote an blog article about beagrep at .

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