Open Files on Remote Server (intranet)

Hello all users:

I'm really new to beagle search. I have installed it on a ubuntu server and it's working fine, I want to use the web interface, it works locally, but when I try to access from a another client across the intranet it doesn't open any files.

on my linux server:
I do a search and results in this:
I clik on it and opens the file correctly!!! great.


On my PC
(I clic on any link and can't open the file because it's looking for it locally on my pc)

Is there a way to achive this?

I will appreaciate your help very much

Gamaliel Rendón Gómez
Cia. Comercial Cimaco S.A. de C.V.
Dpto. Sistemas
Tel +52 (871) 729-2933 ext. 2281

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