Beagle Daemon: External filters with arguments didnt work.


i am working for SoftMaker in Germany. We want to add an external filter for Beagle which should enable Beagle to search our own office formats like *.tmd and *.pmd for TextMaker and PlanMaker.

I did edit the following external-filters.xml file in etc/beagle:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <!-- TextMaker -->
   <arguments>-outputstdout %s</arguments>
 <!-- PlanMaker -->
   <arguments>-outputstdout %s</arguments>

I delete the Beagle index manually and starting the Beagle daemon with the console by just calling "beagled". The indexer works. It starts the program given under "command". And it shows hits for topics within txt and pdf files.

However - and this is my problem - the arguments are invalid and not send to our programs in the right way.

A few examples:
- If the arguments are like above, only "-outputstdout" is given as command line. There isnt path or filename information. - When i set "%s" at the first place, the filename and path is correct, but "-outputstdout" is missing. - When i remove the space between the command, the path is added, but "%s" for the filename isnt filled and shown as "%s" but "-outputstdout" is okay. - I tried to use two arguments, the Beagle indexer only reads the first one!

It looks like the Beagle indizer didnt work like descripted under for external filters with multiple arguments. There should be at least a dynamical search within all arguments for %s and a insertation without loosing the other commands.

I am using Linux Ubuntu 9.10.
The Beagle search window shows the latest version 0.3.9 from Novell.


An other bug: When i change a file while the indizer is running, the file is added for search. However, when the program for the filter creates the file, it will lead to a infinite loop. Beagle indizer should ignore new files while the indizer is running. I avoid this problem by using a temporary file.


Michael Jungnickl

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