Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

> You must have seen this coming. 

Yep, sadly.  Beagle is fantastic but due some peoples myopia it has
never gotten the fame or accolades it deserves [and I've never
understood why more apps didn't just support it rather than just rolling
their own meta-data junk].

> As of now, the evolution backend needs a rewrite because of the new
> Evolution API for indexing. 

GNOME doesn't have any official bounty system?  I know I'd be willing to
throw up some cash for that to be fixed - it is just too handy to live
without.  Again, I just don't understand why *everyone* doesn't use

> There are few other backends that are obsolete due to their move to
> sqlite based storage ... they need a rewrite too.

Maybe in the long run the pervasive use of SQLite will help.  Just
trying to find some optimism.

BTW,  there is a reimplementation of SQLite in C#
<> - but I assume everyone here
already knows about that.

> There are lots of challenging improvements or bugfixes in the TODO
> list, of different orders of complexity - so if you want to learn more
> about beagle internals or just get your hands dirty with C# (that is
> how I landed here), I am sure I can make concrete suggestions.

I know I'd love to but am already buried in projects.

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