Re: File category disappears

Guess what - this is due to same problem as reported in

Unfortunately there is no workaround right now =(

But something else is worrying me. The sudden increase in bugs due to
this problem indicates that beagle is not being shutdown cleanly! Is
there some change in logout routine in Gnome these days so that
processes are forcefully killed using kill-9 or something?

- dBera

On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 7:07 AM, waterloo <waterloo2005 gmail com> wrote:
> My File category disppeared.
> Addon is my beagle log file of now.
> Thanks
> 2009/4/17 D Bera <dbera web gmail com>
>> > yesterday, I deleted all ~/.beagle directory and run beagle freshly
>> > again.
>> > Now I complete the searching and I can see the "File" category.
>> >
>> > when I run beagled --fg --debug , I saw many errors about TIFF files.
>> Wait till the file category disappears ... and send me the log files
>> once it does.
>> Thanks,
>> - dBera

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