Re: Beagle


On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 10:48 AM, veeraraghavan ravi <vraviram yahoo com> wrote:
> I tried to build the beagle assembly in windows via VS.NET. But failed.

There are several Beagle assemblies.  Util.dll is one,
BeagleClient.dll is another, BeagleDaemon.exe, etc.  As I've said,
there is a lot of Linux specific code you have to fix or remove or
replace, so it's probably better to take it a small piece at a time.

> Actually, I need a component for extracting the metadata  and the text
> content from any type of files ( Filter in  Beagle).
> Do you know any API's (C#.NET) which can be used in windows..

No, the Filter API is a Beagle-specific one; there aren't any other
.Net assemblies which provide that API.  There are a bunch of projects
which extract textual content from structured files, but they all have
their own APIs -- that is one of the things the Filter API was
designed to abstract away.


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