Re: beagle-query configurability

> I see that there has been some discussion in the past regarding the maximum
> number of hits returned by beagle-query.  I'd like to throw in my 2c worth
> with the following comments:
> The hard-coded limit of 100 hits is the single most annoying thing in the
> whole of beagle, which is otherwise a wonderfully useful tool for my work.
>  I regularly get messages like 'Too many matches. Showing latest 6 of total
> 711'.  These six hits are often not enough to find what I was looking for.

Which version are you running ? If you are running 0.3.9 (latest),
then I would suggest a complete reindexing of all the files
$ beagle-shutdown
$ rm -rf ~/.beagle/Indexes/FileSystemIndex
$ beagled

There was a bug in the earlier versions which would cause this
meaningless 6 of 711 type of problem. You should get at least 100 hits
if the total is this high.

> First of all, if beagle-search can't return all the matches, then I would
> like to be able to choose whether I get the most relevant, the most recent,
> the oldest, etc.  As a suggestion, it could use the same criteria as the
> 'Sort' option.

Frankly, this is a bit complicated. The magic happens in
LuceneCommon.cs and LuceneQueryingDriver.cs - which gets all the
matches back in terms of document ids, and then has extract the
relevant fields for all the documents to sort and top-100 them
correctly. Sorting by most recent is the current strategy but it
should not be hard to extend it.

> Secondly, I would like to be able to get more than 100 matches. Well
> actually 100 would be OK if I could get the 100 most relevant, but (to take
> the case above) 6 is not.

See above.


Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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