Re: problems with beagle-build-index after upgrade to 0.3.8

Hi dBera,

--On Monday, February 16, 2009 07:24:28 AM -0500 D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:

Nothing I can remember that would cause this. Could you use lsof to
figure out what kind of files are left opened for a long time ? lsof
should show about 10/20 indexable/data files that are opened at any
time and they should disappear after 5/10 seconds at the most.

After running beagle-build-index on the "heavy" data set for a while, the number of open files kept growing; I killed the process at 257 open files, copied all those files to another directory, and re-ran beagle-build-index on them. The result was the same - shortly before finishing (no ulimits broken) the number of open files was at ~266. It's mostly .chm files, so maybe there's something broken? The ("small") index is fine, btw.

The output of beagle-build-index is mostly

Debug: +file://...
Debug: -file://...

with some errors here and there, but no obvious signs of problems with the .chm files.

Anything else I can do to debug further?



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