Re: how is it possible to write a filter for directories?

> you're right, xmp for directories doesn't seem to work.  :-(
> Is there any reason why?

Don't remember. Usually xmp metadata only makes sense for files. there
could also be technical problems; but I think extending the support to
directories is a natural request.

>> you can just read from the corresponding metadata file and fill up fields in
>> beagled/FileSystemQueryable/FileSystemQueryable.cs:DirectoryToIndexable()
> do you mean within a filter for this metadata file?
> Deleting the directory should not be a problem. The indexable should be
> removed and everything is fine.
> Updating the metadata file should trigger reindexing of that file and the
> filter should handle all necessary stuff.
> But deleting the metadata file won't delete any metadata from directory
> indexables, because only the metadata file indexable will be removed.

Yes ... and there are certain other subtle issues. It is slightly
embarassing that I don't remember any of the details now :-(

> Looks like a whole backend is necessary to solve this, doesn't it?

Not really... I think the filesystem backend can be extended to handle
this. And thats what it currently does, wrt whatever limited support
of xmp metadata it currently has. Support for directory xmp metadata
was never requested/thought of, otherwise there should not be any

> And what would be the right name for properties like dc:audience and
> dc:instructionalMethod? Should they get prefixed by anything else?

We use the dc: namespace only for the official Dublic Core metadata
names. For these properties, you can leave them as dc:xxx; for others
use some other namespace (being lazy, we tend to use "fixme" though
this is discouraged) as long as it is meaningful and consistent.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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