Re: Beagle & Kmail for KDE4

On Wednesday 08 October 2008 12:23:59 D Bera wrote:
> > I think I probably already know the answer but I'll ask anyway...
> >
> > I run openSuSE 11.0 with KDE4. I also use the kde4-kmail package from
> > opensuse. Does the beagle kmail backend work with this version of kmail?
> > I sort of think that it doesn't but I figured I'd ask to make certain. :)
> I am not sure if kde4-kmail from OpenSuSE is based on akonadi or is
> the port of earlier KDE3 Kmail. I remember that the kmail backend was
> patched a while ago so that beagle works with the ported KDE4 KMail.
> But if it is akonadi based, then it will not work.
> - dBera

I asked on the opensuse-kde list. I am told that the kde4-kmail package 
provided with opensuse's kde 4.1 is not akonadi based.

So now my question is, why isn't beagle indexing my kmail... mail? Hmmm... 
unless... I'm using the beagle package that came with opensuse 11. That is 
beagle package 0.3.7-22.1. Is that before the patch for the kde4 kmail?

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