adding metadata to documents via web scraping

I'm trying to add metadata to local files, here films, by indexing
appropriate web content, here text from the imdb site.

Thus, for a start I set up an external filter (internal would be nicer of
course for adding specific properties such as director, actor, title, year,
rating, etc.):


This external filter calls a perl script to retrieve the appropriate webpage
from a filmsite and return its content as plain text. The filename, e.g.
"Indiana_Jones_4.avi" is used within a Google I'm Feeling Lucky query...
(see script below).

Somehow I do net get results back when searching afterwards in beagle for,
say, "harrison ford".
Any idea why that doesn't work? The script gets called as I see in my

Is maybe for videos content indexing disabled?

Cheers, d. baser

Perl script

$s = $ARGV[0];

`echo beagle found file $s >> beagle-test.log`;

# clean filename to use in query
$s =~ s/\.avi$//ig;
$s =~ s/[^a-zA-Z0-9-]/+/g;

# get html of film page
$c = `lynx -source'.com/search?q=$

# strip html tags
$c =~ s/<script.*?>(.*?|\n)*<\/script>/ /g;
$c =~ s/<style.*?>(.*?|\n)*<\/style>/ /g;
$c =~ s/<(([^>])+)>/ /g;
$c =~ s/&[a-z#0-9]+;/ /g;

print $c;

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