Re: Beagle Craw not working correctly on beagle 0.3.3

> It seems the problem is not 100% fixed for me : Beagle founds the
> directories which are in my crawl but do not found any mp3 files or
> jpeg files.

What query are you giving ? And what results are you expecting (give one or 
two example paths that you expect to match) ?

Can you try queries like ".mp3" or ".jpeg" to match queries by extension ? 
These are queries that would produce sure hits. Also anytime you have such a 
problem, make a quick check with beagle-query. Sometimes beagle-search fails 
to show certain results (due to some bug).

> I have some exceptions from beagle in the logs (sorry for the spam) :

You can ignore these debug-exceptions "Debug: Caught an exception sending 
Beagle.HitsAddedResponse". You were probably using beagle-search or kerry.

> Here is one of my crawl configuration file :
> [root grogro beagle]# cat /etc/beagle/crawl-music
> ...

I am assuming you disabled filtering on purpose. This will only index the 
filename and extension and not pass the file through the corresponding filter 
(the mp3 filter extracts the mp3 specific properties like artist, album 

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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