Re: System.InvalidOperationException: Invalid connection string

> > Can you attach a list of all of the *.db files in that directory?  I
> > suspect there is a character in there that is causing sqlite some
> > trouble, and it's probably related to your folder renaming, yes.

Right ... how did I miss this :( Its not ApplicationException but
InvalidOperation. Something wrong in the file names.

/home/brian/.beagle/Indexes/EvolutionMailIndex/SummaryTracker-1168644910 22389 2 pc-courierimapkeywords-:list.db:
                        SQLite 3.x database

"SummaryTracker-1168644910 22389 2 pc-courierimapkeywords-:list.db"
Oh-oh ... colon ":" in the file name ... thats probably it.

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