Re: Giant logfile

Hi Debajyoti,

Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> The reason of the large log file is probably a known issue (and already 
> fixed). But now this makes me thinking ... how to cap the log file size ?!
> - dBera
IMO, there are two points to consider:

First, there are always old log files floating around in the Log directory.
Do we really need them ?

Second, the current log file should be limited in size. I've found the
following Java code snippet on the Web:,289483,sid4_gci1110735,00.html
This could give an idea how to do it (not tested !).

However, if it reaches a certain size, it should be deleted. And a new one
created. Or keep one or more (but limited in number) in compressed backups.
Similar what happens to the /var/log/messages on a Linux box. There are bz2
compressed backups. I've just tried it with one of my beagle IndexHelper
log files: 8MB down to 300k, compress ratio > 20.


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