Re: GSoC Weekly Report

On 02/10/2007, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:
> A quick followup, some reading here:
> provides some insight into how exactly sqlite3 stores values, I'm not
> completely sure that such a loose typing system will greatly benefit
> us when working with TEXT/STRING types, however, the gzipped blobs
> might benefit from less disk usage thanks to being stored in a single
> file, in addition, I know that incremental i/o is a possibility with
> blobs in sqlite 3.4, which could potentially be utilized to optimize
> work like this.

If the bindings wrap a Stream around this, this would be ideal. There
doesn't seem to be much documentation on the new bindings. From what I
can see in the mono- code, the new bindings (like the old
bindings) just return the entire contents of the field. Maybe we
should make a feature request?
Arun Raghavan

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