beagle-extract-content question: PDF docs

Hi all,

I've got a few PDF docs where beagle cannot find any contents
in it:

> beagle-extract-content gebackene.zucchini.pdf
Debug: Loaded 52 filters from /usr/lib/beagle/Filters/Filters.dll
Filter: Beagle.Filters.FilterPdf (determined in .12s)
MimeType: application/pdf

  Timestamp = 2007-11-11 04:21:32 (Utc)
  dc:appname = ESP Ghostscript 8.15
  fixme:page-count = 1

(no content)
(no hot content)

Text extracted in .02s

The files were created by printing a web page to a postscript file
and convert it with the ps2pdf utility to a pdf file. Xpdf and the
Acrobat reader can display these PDFs fine.

And no, it is not just an embedded image as the file size is just
40k for one A4 page (with one image in it) and I'm able to select
parts of the text in the Acrobat Reader.

A known issue / limitation ?

Beagle is 0.2.18 from openSUSE 10.3.

Kind regards,

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