Re: Arun vs. BeagleClient -- round 1


On 5/30/07, Arun Raghavan <arunissatan gmail com> wrote:
I've attached the code for a Search class. I instantiate an object
with the query "xesam". I see the search happening on the beagled
side, but the HitsAdded event does not occur. The Main() method runs
an infinite loop iterating on DBus messages waiting for this.

Anybody got any clues on why I'm not getting callbacks on OnHitAdded?
I can post all the code if required, but it's a little messy right

The problem is this line:

   query.AddDomain (QueryDomain.Neighborhood);

Query domains are discrete and represented as flags.  This means that
searching in "neighborhood" doesn't automatically imply "local".
You'll probably want to change this to be something like:

   query.AddDomain (QueryDomain.Local | QueryDomain.System |

... or just omit it altogether; I think that QueryDomain.Local |
QueryDomain.System is the default, and I can't think of any backends
which exist in the neighborhood domain.

(Initially the idea was that "neighborhood" would be to search fairly
closely associated network services, like your own data on another
machine you trusted; "global" would be something like a Google search,
and in fact we had this when we had a Google backend, before they
discontinued their search API.)


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