Re: Kerry vs. beagle-search

> Here's a strange thing - running Kerry I search for a certain word and get
> 28 matches. I run the same search on beagle-search and get "showing top 37
> of 40 top matches".
> This happens repeatedly, for just about every keyword - Kerry always shows
> substantially less results and misses some of the matches.
> I'm using beagle 0.2.17 on Debian SID and Kerry 0.2.1.

The only tool to get all the matches from beagle is beagle-query (the command 
line version).

The GUI tools like beagle-search, kerry, etc. have the limitation that they 
have to "meaningfully display" the results. They might not have the ability 
to show all types of results e.g. beagle-search does not display some kde 
backend results (forgot which one). As far as I know, kerry has trouble with 
handling email attachments, there might be more result types kerry does not 
handle. There could be a bug with kerry too. The best you can do is, run 
query which returns small number of results in kerry and beagle-query. Check 
which results are not shown in kerry, and file bugs about them in (there should an open bug about email attachments).

I also noticed beagle-search returned only 37 out of 40. I think I missed that 
patch when I was merging patches from the svn trunk to 0.2.x branch. 
beagle-search is probably fixed in the trunk.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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