Friday report on Beagle+Xesam (a bit delayed)

Hello All,
Here's a small report on what I've been upto so far on my Summer of Code

Instead of spending a lot of time reading up on everything I need to, I decided
to jump into the code a bit first -- I've implemented the beginning of the
Xesam DBus interface [1]. I now have a little program that registers itself as
a Xesam "searcher", and clients can connect and set up a session and pass
searches. I've still got to do something meaningful with the searches, though.
I didn't have to write a test client, since Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen has
already hacked up a nice one [2].


The first hiccup I ran into was returning "variant" objects through C# on DBus
(which is required for the GetProperty() call). Joe pointed out that I was
using the old, unmaintained dbus-sharp bindings that used to be shipped with
dbus, rather than Alp Toker's newer "managed" DBus bindings [3].


So what I need to do from this point on (other than brushing up my C#) is:

1) Write a parser for Xesam queries (in XML) [4]
2) Implement a layer that does the translation between Xesam and Beagle
(this will need to be done incrementally)
3) Plug in layer from (2) into the Xesam interface


(1) is pretty much independent of (2) and (3), so I can focus on one
of these at a
time. I've started on (2) and (3) first -- I'm currently figuring out how to
use the BeagleClient interface to talk to beagled.

Arun Raghavan

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