Beagle as Application launcher


I just installed openSUSE and I wish to migrate from Windows. One application that will be hard to replace is Google Desktop Search. Although it has many cool features I used it as an application launcher. Since using Google Desktop, I never need any shortcuts or icons on the desktop. When I wish, to run Calculator I press Ctrl twice (the shortcut) and simple box appears, I start typing Calculator and soon, the entry for Calculator appears, I choose it with arrows, press enter and voila...

I thought it should be possible to replace such functionality with Beagle. But there is a problem. I press Alt+Space and window appears. I start typing Calculator and nothing happens. Hmm, I need to press Enter to start the search. A bit redundant and annoying a lot.

Problem 1) Is it possible to set the automatic search without the need of pressing enter?

But never mind, this is only a minor thing. The bigger problem is that even when I press the enter having for example YaST written in the search box. Entry YaST appears, but it is preceded by 100+ web page history items that have higher scores so I would have to flip through several result pages to find YaST entry. I sort by relevance type. But the actual application entry always gets score of 0.0.

Problem 2) How come that application with the name that is exactly same like the search term gets score of 0.0?

This is the biggest problem I have with the Beagle and actually only problem that made me start this post. But there is another annoyance. Even if I scroll down to the correct entry and I press enter (and entry is an application) I am presented with the window asking me, how do I want to execute the entry. What the heck? It is application, I don't need to open application in another application, it should run on its own.

Problem 3) How to set up that applications from the search result are executed directly?

Thanks for any advice :-)

PS: The priority of my problems is 2, 3, 1

Josef Sábl

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