Re: "Could not load spinner image"

Hi again,

On 3/21/07, Joe Shaw <joe ximian com> wrote:

On 3/21/07, Felix E. Klee <felix klee inka de> wrote:
> I tried Gorilla, but no improvement.

Compile the attached test program like so:

    gmcs -debug test-icon.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0

and then run it like so:

    mono --debug test-icon.exe

and post the output.  I expect you'll get an exception.

Oops, messed up the attachment...

using System;

class X {

	static void Main ()
		Gtk.Application.Init ();

		Gtk.IconTheme theme = Gtk.IconTheme.GetForScreen (Gdk.Screen.Default);
		Gdk.Pixbuf pixbuf;

		pixbuf = theme.LoadIcon ("gnome-spinner-rest", 24, 0);
		Console.WriteLine ("Got gnome-spinner-rest at {0}x{1}", pixbuf.Width, pixbuf.Height);

		pixbuf = theme.LoadIcon ("gnome-spinner", 24, 0);
		Console.WriteLine ("Got gnome-spinner at {0}x{1}", pixbuf.Width, pixbuf.Height);

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