Re: build system broken?


On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 16:34 +0000, Alex Mac wrote:
> if I do a clean checkout of the repository and run followed
> by make it tries to build things in the wrong order and fails straight
> away with the following error, I noticed this a while back but assumed
> someone else might have noticed it by now so I didn't bother reporting
> it. I'm running the latest version of ubuntu feisty.

This has been brought up before, but I thought it was fixed now.
There's a bug in some versions of automake which build directories out
of order.

What versions of automake do you have installed, and which one is chosen
by when you run?  Also, is it using the system-provided, or the one included in beagle?  (It should be the first line
of the output.)


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