Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

Hello everybody!

This week has been Mork week. I completed the AccountManager quite early and have been concentrating on Mork. I can tell that I'm still not done with it, but it's just the matter of time. The parser is done and I'm currently implementing a database for it, so that all information can be stored and accessed. The parser and the storage "module" are separated so that databases can be implemented in different ways, might be good in the future and I have some ideas where I can use this to reduce memory footprint.

Also, made some efforts yesterday and added better "group" support to the parser. A group in the world of Mork is like a partial update. When changing the content of a Morkfile, a group with the changes are added at the bottom of the Mork file and is then "applied" to the database. This removes the need of reloading the entire file when for instance a new email is added to a Mork file - only the group will have to be parsed which will save a lot of CPU cycles. Might be interesting to know (the old implementation did not take advantage of this btw).

Continue working on Mork will be the main objective for next week. Hopefully also begin working on the backend. Still have some things to discuss with my mentor about that and  I'm awaiting a reply from him (he'll be back from his vacation soon enough, so there won't be any problems here). That's it for now.


Pierre Östlund

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